Would you like to have 

More Patience 
& Be More Presence 
With Your Kids?

I'll be spilling ALL my step-by-step
psychologist secrets 
on how you can do this!

You are NOT a bad mom for losing your patience--
you are human! 

You are just a mom 
trying to manage it all--
which is literally ALL the moms I work with
 (see my
 Forbes Women article)

Having the family life 
of your dreams 
all depends on how you
 feel about 
yourself as a mom. 
It's time to 
Be The Mom 
You Want To Be...
Join Me for a Live Workshop!
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Wednesday 2/10 at 8pm EST

If you can't attend live, 
you'll get access to the replay
I will only be answering questions live & 
everyone who attends live
 will get exclusive access to an offer at the end

 How to figure out the root cause of what makes you lose your patience so you can make long-term changes 
 How to be proactive to prevent losing your patience with your kids
 Action-oriented tips you can use in the moment when about to lose your patience 

The Moms Losing Patience Workshop
 is for you if...

You are a mom (seriously, because all moms need support)
You are the one doing most of the invisible work in the family (are you even a mom if NO ONE BUT YOU knows when the next dentist appointment needs to be scheduled?) 
You have less patience & yell more (& then feel bad for doing it)
You wonder if you are doing enough
You feel any (or all) of these emotions: overwhelm, frustration, exhaustion, anxiety, guilt 
You want alone time but also feel guilt for wanting it 
You compare yourself to others (especially on social media) 
If You Checked at Least 2 of the Boxes Above, Then 
 this workshop! 


(there is no identifying data to protect client’s privacy) 
“Michelle is very smart and quicker to pick up on what I am trying to say much faster than previous therapists. She also pushes me harder and asks me better questions. With Michelle, I get a lot more tangible feedback and actions to take (as compared to other therapists)”
“I really appreciate how straight forward you are and how I feel you just get me and you are a mom yourself.”
“We have a laugh when needed, you hear me and provide a safe place for me to talk about things. If you weren’t my therapist I feel like we would be friends.” 
"I have learned mindfulness tactics, health and wellness tactics, and anxiety management strategies. These are all things I have implemented and have seen improvement." 


  • 45 minute workshop presentation (with replay access) hosted by a doctoral level psychologist with actionable step-by-step instructions on proven strategies ($175 value)
  • ALL questions submitted LIVE will be answered 
  • ​Workbook created by a doctoral level psychologist to help create a customized action plan($175 value)

You'll also get access to an amazing bonus:

​All about the best psychological approaches to get your kids to actually listen
 without yelling​ or repeating yourself 
a 100 times ($300 value)

Total Value : $650 

Exclusive Rate: $27

Are you ready to commit to your family's happiness for just $27?
Hey Mama!
I'm Dr. Michelle Casarella
I'm a licensed psychologist and I help moms manage their anxiety, overwhelm and guilt so they can be the mom they want to be. I’m a mom myself to a strong willed (just a nice word for threenager) 3-year-old boy.

As a mom myself, I get the struggle--and as a psychologist I can teach you the coping skills you need now more than ever. As we didn’t have enough on our plate before the pandemic... (Thanks 2020!)

That doesn't mean I always have my shit together--and I'll be the first to admit it! I know what it’s like to struggle with the guilt, exhaustion and overwhelm--all the things you struggle with but don’t post on social media. I use my expert training as a psychologist and real-life mom experience to help moms manage these struggles. 

I’m here to help you take back control of your mom life so join me at the live workshop!


So you are a psychologist but this is a workshop?
Yes, I am a licensed clinical psychologist with a doctoral degree. However, what I offer in the workshop is NOT therapy (see disclaimer). I use my training and expertise as a psychologist to provide coaching services to reach moms all over the world.
Do I really need this?
I can’t tell you how many times moms ask me this! As moms, we are programmed to be care-givers but not care-receivers. We hardly question things when it comes to our kids--but do this so often to ourselves. 
The short answer is NO, you probably don’t NEED this. At least not in the way you NEED food, clothing and shelter. You do NEED it for quality of life and to improve your mental wellness--which is something we ALL need after 2020! 
The truth is you could probably continue living your life the way you are without this help--but do you want to? As per Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.” 
Sounds good--I’ve just got so much going on. How do moms find the time?
The truth is you will NEVER have enough time. You NEED to MAKE time to do this so you can be the mom you want to be. 

The minimal time commitment is 1 hour. You probably spend double that time scrolling through social media every week
 so you have
 little bits of time blocks, 
you just need to make choices about how you want to spend it.
Will this actually help?
I am so confident it will that I am offering a 

 So you literally have
nothing to lose

 All I ask is that you submit proof of watching/attending the workshop and completing the workbook. 
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